Coaching Services

Are you a graduate student who is ambivalent about completing your graduate education?

Are you unsure how others–mentors, colleagues, family–would respond to your decision to leave graduate school, or to leave academia?

I provide one-on-one coaching to graduate students who are thinking about leaving their graduate programs, and to PhDs who want to explore alt-academic and non-academic careers. I help clients get to the root of their ambivalence, explore their interests, strengths, and values, and set and achieve goals. Working with me, you will be respected and affirmed for who you are and where you want to go.

Many graduate students and PhDs find it difficult to leave academia, even though leaving may be the best choice. They may fear judgment and ostracism from peers, friends, faculty mentors, and family alike. They may worry that they have few skills to offer employers. They may struggle to see themselves as competent, accomplished professionals.

In truth, competition for tenure-track, academic faculty positions is heavy. A growing number of folks are taking their graduate education and charting paths in education administration, government, business and industry, or non-profit sectors. Career prospects for graduate students and PhDs are changing, and many colleges, universities, coaches, and advisers are adapting services to meet these changes.

If you decide to leave your program, or leave academia, then you have nothing to be ashamed of and will find yourself in great company.

Still, making the decision to stay or to leave can be tough. Are you trying to make this decision on your own? Are you seeking advice, but getting conflicting messages in return? Or, are you overwhelmed by your own thoughts and unsure about where to start?

I can help you. As your coach, I will respect you fully and trust in your ability to succeed. I will listen carefully and with empathy; I will offer you a safe and confidential space to work through your ideas; and I will ask questions to spark your awareness and build your motivation. I believe you possess the knowledge and the ambition to build the career path you want most.

Additional Coaching Areas

I am happy to coach graduate students and PhDs on setting and achieving writing goals, articulating values and defining a professional brand, and exploring career interests and options. Please let me know which area(s) of focus would be of interest to you when contacting me for a sample session.

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Jonathan Foland is a CTA Certified Coach and a member of the Freelancers Union.

Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance