One-On-One Coaching

Coaching is a one-on-one, co-creative relationship between coach and client. Coaching is not the same as consulting or counseling. Coaching works best for folks who have goals they want to achieve, or life changes they want to make, but they lack the clarity or affirmation to move forward. Thus, coaching is also an investment. A client seeks a coach because they want to make progress, need to build accountability, and will benefit from a coach’s respect, empathy, and safe, supportive environment.

As your coach, I will help you

  • Work through complicated thoughts and feelings to get to the heart of what is holding you back from your goals.
  • Explore your strengths, interests, and values, and connect them with different options.
  • Learn about what you can do to prepare for different outcomes and pathways.
  • Practice SMART goal setting to build accountability and to achieve success.

Knowing your talents and believing in yourself are keys to personal or professional success. Many graduate students and PhDs struggle with imposter syndrome, feel overwhelmed by personal and professional obligations, or want to explore alt-academic or non-academic career paths (but are afraid to say so). I am here to support and affirm you during your professional development journey, regardless of the path you choose to take.

“Working with Jonathan helped me to pause and to evaluate my priorities and my time management in the midst of a busy academic semester. Jonathan’s patient coaching put me at ease and gave me the tools I needed to better organize my weekly schedule.” — E.B., PhD Student

All prospective clients are entitled to a complimentary, 25-minute sample session to determine whether a coaching relationship is right for them. Learn more about what to expect in your sample session.

For enrolled clients, full sessions are 45 minutes each at a rate of $70 per session (US dollars). I set this rate with graduate students in mind, because most graduate students (and many recent PhDs) often live off limited stipends. Thus, the rate I charge is both affordable and competitive.

Payment plans and flexible scheduling are available. All sessions are held via telephone or Skype.* Payment accepted through PayPal.

Short-Term: Four sessions for $280. For best results, sessions should be scheduled weekly or biweekly. Payment can be made in full before the first session, or payment can be made in two equal installments of $140 (the first installment due before the first session).

Intermediate: Eight sessions for $560. For best results, sessions should be scheduled weekly or biweekly. Payment may be made up front before the first session, or in equal monthly installments (the first installment due before the first session).

All clients receive a full Welcome Package including a template for your Personal Plan for Development. Additional sessions may be purchased to extend either the short-term or intermediate packages.

*Face-to-face sessions, held at an agreed-upon public location (e.g., a coffee house), are available with advance notice only to clients who live within the Chapel Hill-Durham, NC area.

Jonathan Foland is a CTA Certified Coach and a member of the Freelancers Union.

Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance