Your Sample Session

All prospective clients are welcome to sign up for a brief consultation and a complimentary, 25-minute sample session. I run sample sessions like regular, full-length sessions (the only difference is the length of time for coaching). You get to pick the topics for discussion, and you get to decide what you want to accomplish in our time. Together we will explore your thoughts and help you gain clarity and purpose, and we will identify your next steps.

It is my hope that, following your complimentary session, we can continue working together in an ongoing coaching relationship. Regardless, the sample session is free and should be beneficial to you. What better way to find out if coaching is right for you.

“It was a stunning experience to have Jonathan help me come to a realization about my work that I never would have come to on my own!” — Eileen H., PhD Student

Preparing for Your Session

Coaching is not therapy, mentoring, or consulting. Unlike a therapist, a coach does not diagnose mental or physical well-being. Unlike a mentor or adviser, a coach does not teach a client. Unlike a consultant, a coach does not evaluate and problem solve for a client. In a coaching relationship, the client is the expert in their own life.

Here is what you can expect from a typical coaching session:

  • Time to explore a topic of your choosing. We will spend time discussing what is on your mind, letting me get to know you better and letting you sort through your thoughts.
  • Time to work on an agenda of your choosing. What do you hope to accomplish in our session? Maybe you want to strategize a writing schedule, or make the first moves on a job search. A coaching session is the space to begin working out those details.
  • An opportunity for self-discovery and a change in perspective. Something great happens during a session: an attitude shift. By being able to talk about what is on your mind and think through what you want to do, your worry and concern may be replaced by relief, clarity, or renewed motivation.
  • An opportunity to set specific, do-able goals. Before we end our session together, we will take some time to set goals for you, steps that you can implement before our next session.

Sessions are held via telephone or Skype.* At the end of our complimentary session, I may invite you to work with me on an ongoing basis. Learn about my one-on-one coaching rates and packages.

Click here to sign up for your complimentary, 25-minute session.

*Face-to-face sessions, held at an agreed-upon public location (e.g., a coffee house), are available with advance notice only to clients who live within the Chapel Hill-Durham, NC area.

Jonathan Foland is a CTA Certified Coach and a member of the Freelancers Union.

Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance