Editing Services

I provide proofreading and copyediting for authors of academic and non-academic work, including abstracts, conference papers, editorials, journal or book manuscripts, theses and dissertations, or articles for professional and personal websites. I also review cover letters and personal statements. These are the genres I am most experienced with, although I am open to taking on fiction projects on a case-by-case basis.

All prospective clients are welcome to book a complimentary, 45-minute editing consultation.

Services and Rates

I offer proofreading and copyediting for most manuscripts at an hourly rate of $25 (minimum of 1 hour for all jobs). All editing services include a complimentary 45-minute consultation to discuss

  • Particulars for the work(s) to be edited
  • An estimate for time needed to complete service
  • Discussion and negotiation of deadlines–I will not agree to a job unless I can meet your deadline!
  • An estimate for overall cost
  • And answers to any client questions

Most clients request standard proofreading and a light/medium copyedit. Some authors, including international students, may request a medium/heavy copyedit. See below for details about the two services.

The amount of time necessary to fully review your document(s) depends upon the length of the document as well as how thoroughly you want your document(s) edited. I will not agree to a job unless I can meet your deadline!

Proofreading and Light/Medium Copyediting (average 10-13 pages per hour)
Proofreading document for punctuation, spelling, grammar, hyphenation, capitalization, numbers, etc. Reviewing numerical and/or bullet lists for accuracy and consistency; titles and numbers for tables, figures, charts, or images; and formatting of titles, headings, subheadings, etc. Citations/bibliographic entries also reviewed. At minimum, your document would be reviewed twice.

Medium/Heavy Copyediting (average 7-10 pages per hour)
Proofreading and light copyediting (see above). Reviewing sentence structure and style, eliminating wordiness, assessing writing style for desired audience (e.g., clarity of ideas), and reading for flow of argument. Attention also given to vague language or ideas. Where applicable, suggestions to author for rewriting ineffective passages. At minimum, your document would be reviewed twice.

Please note that these are proofreading and copyediting tasks; I do not write drafts of essays or reports.

All editing can be done in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Adobe Acrobat, or LibreOffice using track changes or its equivalent. Please state your preferred program and provide your file in the appropriate format.

I am skilled in MLA , APA , and Chicago citation formats. Please indicate your preferred citation style. Reviewing citations is time- and labor-intensive. Please provide as much bibliographic information for your citations as you can, especially if you need verification of quotations and/or page numbers. Remember: you have possession of your research sources, not me.

Book a Complimentary Consultation

Recent Projects

  • Rhetoric and media studies chapter on artificial intelligence, a chapter from a dissertation, May 2017 (35 pages, light edit)
  • Media and health communication dissertation, utilizing survey data collected from Chinese student populations, April 2017 (150 pages, medium edit)
  • Performance ethnography dissertation, utilizing oral histories collected in Chiapas, Mexico, April 2017 (350 pages, light edit and APA review)
  • Prison abolition and reform slide deck and speaking notes, for presentation at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Academic Research Conference, March 2017 (presentation coaching with light edit)
  • Legal analysis of defamation law, for submission to National Communication Association, March 2017 (25 pages, light to medium edit)
  • Social media research study, for submission to National Communication Association, March 2017 (20 pages, light to medium edit)
  • Campus assault reporting slide deck and speaking notes, for presentation at Southeastern Women’s Studies Association, March 2017 (presentation coaching with light to medium edit)
  • Personal statement for academic faculty position, March 2017 (2 pages, light to medium edit)
  • Gender, race, and memoir slide deck and speaking notes, for presentation at Feminisms Here and Now Conference, November 2016 (presentation coaching with light to medium edit)
  • Critical study on the “manosphere,” abstract submitted for Feminist Media Studies, October 2016 (2 pages, light to medium edit)


I hold a Master’s in Communication Studies with a concentration in rhetorical studies, and dual-Bachelor’s degrees in English and Communication. I also completed coursework and qualifying examinations toward the Ph.D. in Communication Studies.

During my graduate education, I proposed, researched, and defended a 45-page thesis article; developed more than 20 research papers, each 20-30 pages in length; and presented 14 research reports at regional and national conferences, including the Rhetoric Society of America, National Communication Association, and Southeastern Women’s Studies Association. I also gave input on manuscripts for colleagues and reviewed manuscript submissions for both the National Communication Association and the Southern States Communication Association.

I have eight years’ experience teaching undergraduate students to research, reason, and write academic and analytic prose. I have graded approximately 700 students, providing substantive feedback for assignments ranging from 3 to 20 pages in length. Twelve of my students presented their work at local and regional conferences under my guidance.

Jonathan Foland is a CTA Certified Coach and a member of the Freelancers Union.

Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance